Top 5 Best Free Stock Video Footage Websites in 2020

Top 5 Best Free Stock Video Footage Websites in 2020

if you need a stock video for any project the cost can be very expensive. Thankfully, there are websites offering high-quality video footage for both personal and commercial use free of cost. In this article, I’ll be listing Top 5 Best Free Stock Video Footage Websites in 2020.

Where you can download free stock videos for just about any project. In this list, I’ll show you additional websites not making in our top five with free stock footage list. However, that website will be an honorable mention that is worth checking out.

Let’s start the list.

[5.] Dareful

dareful a website for stock video download

Starting off our countdown at number five is DAREFUL. You won’t find the largest amount of free footage on this site. But, what you do find it all in stunning 4k resolution. All the clips found on here were shot by Joel holland. He’s the founder of another website for creatives called STORYBLOCKS. While that other site is not free.

All the clips he contributes to dareful are completely free of charge. When you select the video to preview. You’ll get additional information including the duration size of the file resolution and the license. Which, in this case, is a creative commons international 4.0 license.

The license agreements can vary depending on the site on all websites. I’d advise that you read the license agreement prior to downloading any files. I’ll quickly summarize the license details for each of the sites mentioned in our list of Top 5 Best Free Stock Video Footage Websites in 2020.

On dareful, all footage can be used for any type of project but you must provide attribution giving proper credit to the clips creator provide a link to the license and indicate if any changes were made.

[4.] Videvo

videvo is for best for stock footage

Number four is VIDEVO which offers thousands of free and premium stock videos created by their community members. Most of the videos are in HD with a small selection also in 4k. If you only want to see the free stock footage. Watch the below gif.

  • You’ll have to click on the videos which you’ll get on the homepage.
  • Go to filters and select only free clips.

Below the stock stuff, you’ll find advertisement at the top from Shutterstock. With the filter selected. You’ll only see the free stuff other filter options include sort resolution and license. Do note that the video you choose could be one of three license types. When you select any clip.

It will show you the licensing and usage information. After clicking on any video clip, If you select to learn more. You can get additional information about the various license types offered on vedivo.

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[3.] Videezy

videezy is a website for stock footage

On number three is VIDEEZY. They offer a large collection of high-quality videos in both HD and 4k the resolution that is royalty-free for personal and commercial use.

On searching on their website you can filter the results along the left by file type license type resolution and format. Most videos you find will be in an mp4 format.

In addition to the free clips, you’ll also, see results shown with the green tag marked pro. These are premium clips that require paying with credits. Below the preview of the video, you selected it will have a link to the license info and show you the file format, resolution and the frames per second.

The videezy standard license is the most common type of license for free footage. It lets you use any clip for personal and commercial use but you must give attribution. In one of the two ways listed the footage can also be purchased to remove the attribution requirement.

[2.] Pixabay

free stock video webiste is pixabay

In the runner-up spot coming in at number two which is PIXABAY. It is one of the most popular websites out there for free stock footage clips. This site is one of my favorite and for others for free stock photos. And it’s also great when looking for free stock footage with thousands of videos to choose from.

All videos on pixabay are submitted by its community of users. Most video clips are in HD with a decent selection also in 4k resolution. When you’ll select a clip then to the right of the preview. It displays the file format resolution length of the video along with additional information.

When you go to download any file you get to choose the resolution for that video. Which you can see in the above gif. All images and videos on this website carry the pixabay license there are not many restrictions.

You can use any file for both personal and commercial use and modifications are allowed. While I do recommend giving credit to the owner. Moreover, Attribution is not required.

[1.] Pexels

pexels website is one of the best for free stock video

Winner of Top 5 Best Free Stock Video Footage Websites in 2020 list is PEXELS. Pixels is just like PIXABAY. Earlier, it’s also well known as being a great source for photos on pixels. The variety is amazing the file format is mp4 with content in both HD and 4k resolution.

On the download page, you’ll have your choice of resolutions and below the video. You can watch that above VIDEO. If you click on the info you can gather additional information about that video.

Including, it’s resolution duration FPS and aspect ratio. Below the video information is also a quick summary of the license creative commons zero (CCO). The pixel license is the two offered both allow for use on personal and commercial projects with no attribution required.

Honorable Mentions

Before going to conclusion, honorable mention for free stock video websites that just might be worth your time to check out is as follows.

Mix Kit

mixkit website for free stock video

MIX KIT offers a curated collection of free videos in a variety of categories releasing 10 free videos each week. Their license lets you use their content on any project with no attribution required.

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mazwai is website for free stock footage


Vidsplay website for free stock video

VIDSPLAY is another fantastic resource with new content being added each week all videos can be used for personal and commercial projects. But, credit must be given to When compared to most mass white offers a limited selection but what is available is of the highest level of quality. The videos can carry one of two license details of the license for each clip that can be found on the download page.


Life of Vids is best stock footage website

LIFEVIDS is another site with a small collection of content to choose from but it’s still worth checking out. The footage is provided by the advertising agency Leeroy based in Canada. It’s all available for free with no copyright restrictions but redistribution is limited.


Websites Name
6.Mix Kit (Honorable Mentions)
7.Mazwai (Honorable Mentions)
8.Lifevids (Honorable Mentions)