7 Celebs Who Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously

People are suffering- from the biggest disaster in the world right now, Everywhere in the world, people, media, government everybody is talking about COVID-19.

We would not even have ever thought of the situation in which we are right now. Due to the spread of infection and viruses, many countries are lockdown. people are losing jobs, the economy is gradually crumbling.

There are many celebrities, who are coming towards and giving donations. Government, the media everybody is saying stay in your home. But, there are some individuals on social media who are doing crazy things and rubbish talk.

Let’s see who are the 7 Celebs Who Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously

7. Larz

Larz Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously
Source: Instagram

Larz is a California social media influencer and TikTok prankster. who has millions of followers on his social media accounts. A so-called “coronavirus challenge” He decided to lick a toilet seat. Well, he probably thought it’s gonna be fun. And guess what? A few days later when he went for a checkup he was tested and found positive for COVID-19.

After all this, he is caught by millions of eyes over the internet for his idiocy.

6.  Lala Kent

Lala Kent Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously

As a matter of fact, presently is the most noticeably terrible time for a wedding, Because, of COVID-19. Particularly on the off chance that you had everything arranged out months prior, as Lala Kent. In her Instagram post,

she said that there’s no way God would give her COVID-19 before she gets married. And even if he did, that would be some publicity.

5.  Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously

During one of her live video of TikTok, Vanessa Hudgens said something very dubious with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was freeloaded about not having the option to go out on St. Paddy’s Day, so after a couple of glasses of wine, she began babbling.

Her tirade went something like this: “Sounds like a lot of BS. Regardless of whether everyone gets it [… ] people are gonna die, which is terrible, but, like, inevitable” You can envision the backfire she got after this statement.

4. Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously

Rudy Gobert-Bourgarel is a French professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association. He also represents the French national basketball team in international competitions.

He’s the dreadful NBA player who chose to disregard the basic rules of “don’t touch the stuff”. As we know, COVID-19 spreads by contacts. But he rubbed his palms all over mics as he was leaving the question and answer session. He probably thought COVID-19 is not a serious deal.

Yet, the amusing thing is, soon after this incident, he found positive for Coronavirus. However, he then donated half a million to fight battle the plague.

3. Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi  Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously

Lewis Marc Capaldi is a Scottish singer-songwriter. He was nominated for the Critics’ Choice Award at the 2019 Brit Awards. He is very popular with his concert and for his band. Because of a lockdown situation, he was supposed to cancel his all concert. But, somehow, he could not cancel the band’s concert in Scotland after COVID-19. Which news gone viral like fire in the forest.

This resulted in the bitter aftertaste, especially among his fans. Everybody is thinking now that his greed has a higher priority than the worldwide flare-up of a lethal infection.

Lewis attempted to shield himself by saying that right now, the rues just applied to social occasions of 500+ individuals, however he ought to have known better.

2. Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins  Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously

Michelle Elizabeth Collins is an American comedian and talk show host. Collins came into the entertainment industry as the managing editor of VH1’s best week ever

Michelle Collins tweeted some extremely inept stuff. Like, what sort of individual takes wagers on which big name will get Corona first? In the event that you were pondering, it was Tom Hanks.

Be that as it may, for reasons unknown, Michelle explicitly stated: “Jameela doesn’t count.” Jameela Jamil experiences Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and battles on ends of the week disease.

It was a genuine low blow, and the on-screen character didn’t care for that tone, snapping back at Michelle with some emphatic tweets.

1. Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay  Didn’t Take the COVID-19 seriously

Scheana Marie Shay is an American television personality, actress, podcast host, and singer. She currently stars on the Bravo reality television series Vanderpump Rules.

Scheana Marie Shay hasn’t done a great job at a self-quarantining time by throwing a party for her friends. She said that she was not afraid of the virus and won’t give in to the peer pressure. “Call me ‘ignorant’ but I’m not gonna stop living!” – this is what she tweeted on twitter. Well.


Celebs name
1.) Scheana Shay
2.) Michelle Collins
3.) Lewis Capaldi
4.) Rudy Gobert
5.) Vanessa Hudgens
6.) Lala Kent
7.) Larz