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Top 20 Best Indian YouTube Stand-Up Comedians

comedy is a genre of literature and it alludes to dramatic work. Comedy is a type of medicine that can heal anybody from illness. Comedy is Engaging entertaining just as humorous in nature. The subject of the comedy is to get triumph over the upsetting conditions and it achieves a chipper end. Therefore, Comedy is known for “fixing the wrecked glass“.

That is why in this article, I’ll be listing Top 20 Best Indian YouTube Stand-Up Comedians list.

There was a time when India had not so many comedians. In India, There was a time when a few well-known faces were in comedy industries like Johnny Lever.

It was not that Indian had not great stand up comedians, India had. But, stand-up comedians had not a platform where they could show their talent to the crowd. As time passed, Giant Video Sharing Platform like YouTube gave freedom to the talented people to show their talent to crowd.

And that is how in Indian, many stand up comedians came in the front picture in comedy industries. There was a time when people had different perceptions about stand up comedy. People were thinking that people should not choose comedy as a career. But, today’s scenario is different. Now, there are many Stand up comedians who are pursuing standup comedy as a career and they are earning great.

Who are the best Indian YouTube Standup Comedians?

Look, Picking up a comedian from the YouTube Community Of India is not an easy task. Because there are many YouTube Stand Up Comedians in India and they are doing a great job on YouTube. So, now you might have a question that then how I am going to list the best Indian stand up comedians?

The answer, to this question, is that I’ll be listing Top 20 Indian YouTube Stand-Up Comedians on the basis of their achievement, according to their milestones, and YouTube Subscribers. Also, I’ll be adding brief information about every Indian YouTube Stand Up Comedian from the list 30.

So, without wasting time let’s start the list with number 20.

20. Daniel Fernandes

Daniel Fernandes (born 2 August 1984) is an Indian stand-up comedian. Based in Mumbai, Fernandes is known for his dark and surreal style of comedy, with references to social issues in India.

Based in Mumbai, Fernandes regularly performs at comedy clubs including Canvas Laugh Club, The Comedy Store, Blue Frog, and High Spirits. In his comedic material and interviews, Fernandes is known to cover Indian social issues including free speech, student suicide, the death penalty etc. 

He collaborated with several Indian stand-up comedians including Gursimran KhambaAditi MittalBiswa Kalyan RathSundeep RaoRadhika VazAbish Mathew, and Kanan Gill. He has 212K subscribers and a total of 20,130,899 views on his YouTube channel named “Daniel Fernandes” so far.

Most Popular video of Daniel Fernandes given below.

19. Aditi Mittal

Source: Instagram

Aditi Mittal is a stand-up comedian, entertainer, author, on-screen character.

Aditi Mittal is one of the first female stand-up Indian YouTube comedians. She is a humorist just as a fruitful author. She is also mentioned in News Media Magazines like for Grazia Magazine and Financial Times, and

Her first stand-up special “Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say” is on Netflix, her second exceptional “Young lady Meets Mic” is likewise on Netflix and she’s as of now visiting her third stand-up unique “Global Village Idiot” around the globe. Aditi appeared her fourth extraordinary, “Mother of Invention” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.

She has a YouTube channel named “Aditi Mittal” with having 246K subscribers.

Most Popular video of Aditi Mittal.

18. Vipul Goyal

Vipul Goyal is an Indian stand-up comedian and actor. He is counted among the top comedy performers in India and also plays the main protagonist in one of India’s most successful web-series Humorously Yours.

The show is produced by The Viral Fever, India’s biggest web-series production house and depicts a hilarious semi-autobiographical account of his life interspersed with stand up clips. 

Vipul is the only ace Indian comedian with a dedicated show of his own. He has his YouTube channel named “Humorously Yours Team” with over 327K subscribers and a total of 29,831,652 views. You can check out his channel, by clicking the below-given button. He is often called the Indian Seinfeld as he does some hilarious observational comedy.

Most Popular video of Vipul Goyal given below

17. Apurva Gupta

Engineer turned Stand-Up Comic, Appurv Gupta has one of the unique voices in the Stand-Up Comedy scene in India. With 1000 shows under his belt.

CNN-IBN has also listed him for the best Stand-Up Comedians to watch out on the website. Comedy Central India says that he is India’s leading Hinglish Stand Up Comic. His recent video on airplane wali journey, tinder tale, Chai, Maggi, Biryani, and his solo show s”AppurView” and “RelationShip Or RelationShit” has already got multiple reviews on social media.

He is also famous for his web series – Mudde Ki Baat – #Gupta_Ji_Ke_Sath on various trending issues. Recently, Forbes India had listed his name in the Forbes India Celebrity 100 Nominees list.

Most Popular video of Apurva Gupta, given below

16. Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon is one of the famous Indian standup comedians and he performed around the globe. Amit Tandon is well known by “The Married Guy” between the crowd. He had started comedy just as a hobby but the way of delivery lines and his observation skill made him one of the best comedians of Indian.

As of now he has over 423K subscribers and a total of 55,726,321 views on his YouTube Channel.

His most popular video is given below.

15. Abijit Ganguly

Source: Twitter

A Bengali living in Delhi, Abhijit Ganguly’s funniness handles the most unremarkable Indian issues like parents’ pressure of getting married and purchasing condoms in the proudest manner.

The bi-lingual entertainer acts in both Hindi and English is more than 2000 shows old and NDTV has over and over named him as one of the Rising Stars of Comedy in India.

At the point when he isn’t pressing settings on comedy evenings or doing corporate shows, the Delhi School of Economics graduate postures as a brand expert to major multi-companies like Woo, Sprite, Culture Machine, and OYO Rooms, and furthermore as an independent essayist. The humorist has shown up on different TedX Talks, dishing Gyan about being in front of an audience, following dreams.

He has over 429K subscribers and a total of 46,617,854 views.

His most popular video is given below.

14. Rajat Chauhan

Rajat Chauhan, Delhi based comedian is coming to tickle your funny bones. An engineer by education, he started following his real passion after completing his engineering and now has been regular in this new age Standup Comedy scene for around 5 years, is a regular at Canvas Laugh Club Delhi and Mumbai and at all the pubs/bars in Delhi/NCR.

He is regaling audiences with his brand of observational humor based on the commonplace aspects of everyday life and how people are dealing with it. He talks about his childhood experiences like school, school teachers, the education system in India, crush, school friends, and will lead you to adulthood experiences via roller coaster ride.

As of now, he has over 441K  subscribers and a total of 51,384,059 views on his YouTube Channel.

Most popular video is given below.

13. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is an Indian stand-up comedian, writer, presenter and actor..

With a grandeur that resembles Salman Khan and a mother wishing for her son to get married (also like Sallu bhai), Jeeveshu Ahluwalia’s comedy brings out the fat Punjabi guy’s perspective on everything that surrounds him.

Jeeveshu’s quick wit and knock out punchlines have saved him from many disasters, apart from making sellout venues laugh till their faces hurt. Think his face looks familiar?

The comedian made his Bollywood debut with the Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone-starrer Tamasha and has appeared in TV commercials for Comedy Central India, Phillips, Apollo Hospitals, ICICI Prudential, and Grofers. Winner of Radio Mirchi’s Comedy Ka King 2014, He has done over 3000 shows and has performed in countries like Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia.

He has over 446K Subscribers and a total of 40,921,555 views on his YouTube Channel.

His Most popular video is given below

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12. Rahul Subramanian

Rahul Subramanian is a brand-manager-turned-comedian who realized a little too late in life that he was too redundant for the corporate world. Since this realization, he has been a regular at all the leading comedy venues in the country, and is currently touring his one hour solo titled Kal Main Udega.

If you are someone who enjoys humor with a message then Rahul’s comedy is made just for you, the only disclaimer being you’ve to come up with a message of your own as Rahul has none to offer.

This Mumbai-based comedian has been performing since 2014, as he broke into the scene by winning stand up competitions like Virgin Pants and Canvas Laugh Club (All India open-mics) and also the first-ever YouTube Comedy Hunt (sketch video competition) along with his friend Kumar Varun for their channel Random Chikibum.

When he is not doing stand up, or acting in videos by Random Chikibum or All India Bakchod, you will see him pursuing his hobbies which include seeing, waiting, and getting stuck in traffic, all things that help him write better jokes and sketches that make you go “that’s happened to me too!”

He has over 499K subscribers and a total of 66,924,232 views on his YouTube Channel.

His Most Popular video is given below.

11. Karunesh Talwar

Comedian after dark, part-time day dreamer and full-time rebel Karunesh Talwar is not a fan of gainful employment. Actually, he is not a big fan of anything except the truth through stand-up and the truth is often painfulso is stand-up.

Analgesics help though and they don’t always come in pills. One of the most honed acts in the country today, Karunesh has performed in pretty much every city and on all stages; big, small, and weird. He also writes for television because integrity is nice but money is better.

He has 588K Subscribers and a total of 46,638,377 views on his YouTube Channel.

His most popular video is given below

10. Biswa Kalyan Rath

Biswa Kalyan Rath is an Indian stand-up comedian, writer, and YouTuber. He came into prominence through the YouTube comedy series, Pretentious Movie Reviews with fellow comedian Kanan Gill. He played a minor role in Brahman Naman, and another minor role in the show, “Laakhon Mein Ek” which he co-wrote.

Recent his big work was on Amazon. He has 616K subscribers on his YouTube channel and total of 42,868,189 views .

His most popular video is given below

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9. Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill is an Indian stand-up comedian, actor, and YouTuber. Gill won the “Punch Line Bangalore” Competition. Moreover, He is known for the YouTube series Pretentious Movie Reviews. Where he reviews flawed yesteryear Bollywood films along with fellow stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath.

He was one of the centered personalities behind the YouTube Comedy Hunt and also co-hosted the YouTube FanFest India. In 2017, he had his own one-hour comedy special, “Keep It Real“. He made his debut on the big screen with the movie Noor, alongside Sonakshi Sinha. In 2018, he was also the judge on Comicstaan, a comedic reality TV show.

His channel name is “Kanan Gill” with verified badge and have 748K subscribers and total of 76,682,294 views.

His most popular video is given below

8. Aakash Gupta

Aakash is a stand-up comedian from Delhi. An eccentric performer, He always had that knack of making people laugh. Desperate for laughs, he started his comedy career started by mimicking his maasi on family get-togethers. Fortunately, the path has been upwards since then. “Par ye humesha gusse mei kyu rehta hai” is what you must be thinking.

Yes, he always looks grumpy and that’s not because his face is like that. It’s because he takes his comedy way too seriously. Otherwise, he is very jolly in nature.

He has over 860K subscribers and a total of 42,108,256 views on his YouTube Channel.

His most popular video is given below.

7. Sundeep Sharma

Sundeep Sharma is an actor, television script writer, radio producer, and voice over artist has had successful shows inspired by the busy city, namely “What Do You Think You Are Doing”?

 You won’t get better jokes about Bombay than the ones from comedian Sundeep Sharma. He takes great pride in doing impressions and political satire-themed sketches that are easy to relate to, and to laugh at.

His mimicking skills also extend to all the Khans in Bollywood, thanks to which he was also a part of the NDTV satire show (with puppets) Gustakhi Maaf, featuring jokes in Hindi, English and Punjabi. Sundeep’s stories remind you of a Jeeves monologue and an R. K. Laxman cartoon that has come alive.

He was also named as one of the ‘Best in Stand-up’ by Canvas Laugh Club, and has won a number of international awards including the Cannes Lions for his voice over and writing work.

He has 946K Subscribers and a total of 88,611,638 views on his YouTube Channel.

His Most popular video is given below

6. Abish Mathew

Abish Mathew is an Indian stand-up comedian and a YouTube performer. He is known for his work with All India Bakchod, as the host of Comicstaan, and is the creator and host of “Son of Abish“.

His YouTube channel name is “Abish Mathew” having 975K subscribers and total of 116,741,969 views.

His Most popular video is given below

5. Kunal Kamra

Kunal Kamra is a comedian who is recognized for his observational comedy. You might have heard his name for his recent controversy.

In 2020, after an incident on IndiGo airlines where he confronted the Indian news anchor Arnab Goswami, he was banned by five Indian Airlines.

However, he is quite famous for his stand up comedy. On his YouTube channel which named “, Kunal Kamra” has 1.6M subscribers and a total of 102,447,747 views. Because of that he is the on the 5th position in the Top 20 Best Indian YouTube Stand-Up Comedians list.

His Most popular video is given below

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4. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Anubhav Singh Bassi is one of the famous stand-up comedians of india. Other than stand up comedy, he is a lawyer by profession. He completed his schooling from Dewan public School, Meerut, India. He also completed his further studies from DR. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Faizabad, U.P., India. Anubhav has a huge fan following over social media.

Lawyer turned UPSC aspirant turned Entrepreneur turned to stand up comedian. He is a multi-talented personality. In 2017, he’d tried his luck at open mic at the canvas laugh club. The first comedy video of Anubhav Singh Bassi was as a lawyer, which he uploaded on his Facebook account. But, his official first video was “cheating” and its very popular amongst the youth.

After this, Bassi comes with another video named “waxing“. These two videos are one of the famous stand-up comedy videos. He has over 1.66M million subscribers and a total of 75,586,527 views and On this YouTube Channel, there are only 3 videos uploaded yet.

His most popular video is given below

3. Kenny Sebastian

Kenneth Mathew Sebastian, better known as Kenny Sebastian, is an Indian stand-up comedian, musician, and filmmaker. He first rose to prominence through a YouTube channel that broadcasts clips of his stand-up shows, devotional song covers, in addition to original skits, garnering 152 million views since 2008.

He has toured the United States, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Australia. In 2017, he produced an hour-long comedy special for Amazon Prime. He performs primarily in English, switching to Hindi for comic effect.

Kenny made songs from tweets, popularly known as #KennySing4Me. This gained him his initial popularity. Therefore, Mathew Sebastian also created an improvised sketch show for Comedy Central known as The Living Room. Mathew co-wrote and acted in the web series called Star Boyz.

He did a cameo in the web series Humorously Yours, in Better Life Foundation by Naveen Richard and in Pushpavalli by Sumukhi Suresh.

Mathew Sebastian has over 1.96M subscribers and a total of 208,136,816 views on his YouTube Channel. Because of that he is the on the 3rd position in the Top 20 Best Indian YouTube Stand-Up Comedians list.

His most popular video is given below

2. Abhishek Upmanyu

Abhishek Upmanyu is one of the finest young comedians in the country, representing fresh new talent on the scene. Known for killing it on stage, he hurls one cracker of a joke after another, thanks to his Shatabdi-fast delivery, unparalleled observational powers and skilled hands.

In the wake of finishing his graduation, he worked in a couple of privately owned businesses.

In 2009 and 2010, he functioned as an assistant with ‘Ranbaxy,’ Gurgaon, and ‘Specialists India Limited,’ New Delhi individually. He joined ‘HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd,’ Bhatinda in 2011, and ‘Vessel Research’ as an examination investigator.

In 2013, he joined ‘Bain and Company,’ yet later, left this activity to seek after his vocation in stand-up comedey. In 2015, he joined ‘On Air with AIB;’ as an essayist. He deals with a Twitter handle called GareebGuy.

In 2016, he uploaded his first video on his YouTube Channel with the title ‘Indian Insults and Comebacks.’

His two comedy appears ‘Thoda Saaf Bol’ and ‘Desirous of Sabjiwala’ increased monstrous fame. He has additionally played out his satire demonstrations at different national and worldwide stages.

Moreover, As of know he has 2.65 Million Subscribers and a total of 166,117,979 views on his YouTube Channel. That is why he is one the second position on Top 20 Best Indian YouTube Stand-Up Comedians.

His most popular video is given below

1. Zakir khan

Source: Instagram

Zakir Khan is an Indian stand-up comedian, writer, presenter, and actor. In 2012, he rose to popularity by winning Comedy Central’s India’s 3rd Best Stand Up Comedian competition. He has also been a part of a news comedy show, On Air with AIB. His popular acts are ‘Kaksha Gyarvi‘ and ‘Haq Se Single’ on Amazon Prime.

He became a known face in India’s stand-up comedy circuit in 2012 when he won the title of ‘India’s Best Stand Up’, a comedy competition organized by Comedy Central. Besides performing at many stand-up comedy shows, he has also done ghostwriting and produced radio shows.

He is known for his punchline “Sakht launda“, I am sure you might have heard somewhere. “Sakht launda” means a guy with immense self-control who would not be easily manipulated by pretty, cunning girls.

His YouTube channel name is “Zakir Khan” and has over 5.27M subscribers and a total of 369,878,613 views. That is why he is one the first position on Top 20 Best Indian YouTube Stand-Up Comedians.

His most popular video is given below