10 biggest cricket stadiums in 2020

Top 10 biggest cricket stadiums in the world in 2020

So, you are a cricket fan and you are eager to know more about cricket and their status like Top 10 Biggest Cricket stadiums in the world, here I am to give to the list of biggest stadiums which exists in this world.

Cricket is no more back from other sports like football and tennis because ICC has tried to spread its strength, popularity and motivated youths to play cricket and this project has been successful so far. IPL is the most-watched league after FIFA on this planet.

Therefore, let’s jump to know the content.

Here I will discuss the capacity of the stadium, popular matches, cost of manufacture and much more interesting facts about the Top 10 Biggest Cricket stadiums in the world.

10.    Ekana International Cricket Stadium (India)

Credit: sportstar

Capacity: 50000

Ekana International cricket stadium is the 10th biggest cricket stadium in the world in the list of Top 10 Biggest Cricket stadiums in the world. It is situated in Lucknow, india.

Capacity: 50000, Built-in 2017, owner: Ekana sportz city, it is a new stadium in india where recently Afghanistan and west Indies played their ODI and test matches.

9. Adelaide Oval (Australia)

Source: linkedin

Capacity: 54500

9th biggest cricket stadium established in 1879 at Adelaide, Australia. A beautiful cricket stadium for Australia also for the cricket world.

Capacity: 54500, cost to make: 610 million dollars, owner: government of South Australia.Many t20 world cup matches have been initiated over here.

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8. Dy Patil Sports Stadium (India)

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Capacity: 55000

Dy Patil stadium is the 8th biggest cricket stadium in the world. Situated in Navi Mumbai, India. Basically, this stadium is for all sports, especially for cricket.

Capacity: 55000, it costs 25 million to build this stadium, Vijay Patil is the owner of this stadium. Established in 2008. U17 FIFA world cup and Mumbai City FC matches have also been played.

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7. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (India)

Capacity: 55000

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is situated in Kochi, india. Which is the 7th biggest cricket stadium in the world.

Capacity: 55000, established in 1996 in Kochi, India, cost to make: 780 crores. Sports Authority of India is the owner of the stadium. It is named on the first prime minister of India.

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6. Greenfield International Cricket Stadium (India)

Source: onmanorama

Capacity: 55000

It is an honour for the country to record the number of highest biggest cricket stadium in the list of Top 10 Biggest Cricket stadiums in the world.

Capacity: 55000, cost of manufacturing is 390 crores. Situated in Trivandrum, India. Established in 2014 and a successful stadium of India so far. This stadium is ready to explore big facilities now.

5. Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium (India)

source: sportsmatik

Capacity 60000

Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium is the fifth biggest cricket stadium in the world which is situated in Ahmedabad, india.

Capacity 60000, according to Wikipedia, the cost of making is 237.20 crores.which was situated in 2003. Hyderabad cricket association is the owner. 62 matches of IPL have been hosted at the stadium.

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4. Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium (India)

source: tripinvites

Capacity: 65000

Cricket in India is like religion and playing cricket is a festival, therefore, making a big stadium is obvious for makers and owners of the stadium.

This is the fourth big biggest cricket stadium in the world situated in Rajpur, India.

Capacity 65000, Owner: Government of Chhattisgarh, established in 2013 and soon became a famous cricket stadium to inaugurate IPL matches and venue for Delhi Daredevils.

3. Eden Garden (India)

source: wikipedia

Capacity: 70000

Second biggest stadium for India and third-biggest cricket stadium in the world Eden Garden is situated in Kolkata, India, which is the home town of President of BCCI.

Capacity around 70000, Built-in 1864.

This ground has hosted 15 matches of world cups, and a big final of T20 cricket world cup in 2016 among England and West Indies. Where the Carlos Brathwaite storm was seen by the world for the first time.

2. Melbourne cricket stadium (Australia)

Capacity: 101000

I think every cricket spectators would be aware of this beautiful cricket stadium which is the second biggest stadium of cricket situated in Melbourne, Australia.

Capacity around 101000, cost of manufacturing is $150000000, which was built in 1854. The final of 2015 cricket world cup was played at the Melbourne cricket stadium against New Zealand and luckily Australia cricket team won the title. Four times Melbourne cricket stadium hosted Big Bash League finals.

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1. Sardar Patel stadium (India)

source: ahmedabadmirror

Capacity: 110000

Yeah, Sardar Patel Stadium is the biggest cricket stadium in the world which is situated in Ahmedabad, India.

Capacity around 110000, cost to construct it is about 700 crores, this was constructed in 1982 with the seats of 49000 but soon a major decision was taken to make it as the biggest stadium in the world and finally in February 2020 it was inaugurated with Donald Trump the president of America. Soon a first-class International cricket match would be played after the end of COVID19.


RankingStadium nameCapacity
1.Sardar Patel stadium (India)110000
2.Melbourne cricket stadium (Australia)101000
3.Eden Garden (India)70000
4.Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium (India)65000
5.Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium (India)60000
6.Greenfield International Cricket Stadium (India)55000
7.Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (India)55000
8.Dy Patil Sports Stadium (India)55000
9.Adelaide Oval (Australia)54500
10.Ekana International Cricket Stadium (India)50000

So reader, these are the world biggest stadium right now in 2020. Which one is your favorite? Have you visited any stadium? If yes, you can share your experience with us. We are eager to know your experience. Hope you like this article. If so, you can like this article and you can share this article to your friends and family or you can share this to cricket lover people.